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Hello. I did not see this post in doing a search so sorry if I missed it.

I know I can to a manual run of all stations in which I hit the watering icon then I have to choose an amount of time per station or an amount of time for all stations but is there a way to just tell it to run the normal run cycle that I have programmed in instead of this manual process. On normal sprinkler boxes I can turn the dial to run all and it will run the programmed amount of time that was set for each station, can I do that with the Rachio through the app?

If you are running fixed schedules, you can do this – from the app go to “Edit Watering Schedule” in “Watering Schedule”. Select your schedule. At the very top of that screen, it should have “Run Schedule” – select that and you should be good to go.

Edited to add: It looks like this should work with all schedules. See


Thank you Linn for this answer. I am actually doing the flexible schedule BUT from your answer I created a separate fixed schedule that I just keep disabled and will run when I want extra watering :slight_smile:



Excellent workaround :wink:


This does single zone run time. How can I run all zones at the same time on its schedule? I have plant being watered with different amount of water. Quick run all doesn’t do it. We need a quick all schedule.

Hi @Bagmichael1-
I’m a little lost on your question, do you mind explaining for me? Are you trying to run all zones simultaneously?
McKynzee :rachio:


I am confused too. I do not believe you would want to run all your zones at the same time

I think @Bagmichael1 is after a similar feature that i use, related to what @Linn has mentioned above.

I have multiple saved but disabled manual watering schedules. I run flex daily normally, but sometimes use the manual schedules to add frequency when i plant new items, while maintaining the water database correctly. for example, I have a manual disabled schedule for all of my grass zones. I can select “Edit watering schedule”, select the grayed “Grass” schedule, then either run as is (2 min each zone) or edit it for the conditions, then run it. I can simply repeat every few hours or every day as i think it needs to deal with the new seed etc. This is far easier than using the sprinkler icon and manually adjusting every zone multiple times a day.

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Water zone quick button you can water every zone or individual zone but if you water all zones for 4 minutes I’m water my flower… too long. I’m trying to quickly run every zone on the schedule. I’m trying to run all zones so One zone will run 1 minute, one 30 minutes and one 45 minutes… by hitting 1 button.

Do what @Tilroc did. Set up a fixed schedule that has the times in it that you want for each zone, leave it disabled, and then run it as wanted.

I new that already,but with 6 zones each one have to be done.

I am missing something — Your fixed schedule can have all 6 zones in it. The will water one at a time, but you only have to manually run that schedule once.

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@Bagmichael1 These two support articles may help you out- this article describes how to create a fixed schedule: and this article describes how to use our manual run feature: Do either of these help?

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