Rsachio3 and Rain Barrels

I am setting up a rain barrel(s) install where I will use a water transfer pump to extract rain from the barrels for a drip irrigation system for raised beds.

Is it possible to integrate the Rachio controller into this setup?

@dbrum - the Rachio can power a pump start relay using the M terminal to run the water transfer pump when running the drip system. The challenge will be to let Rachio know when the rain barrel is dry so it won’t be counting that time as watering. The pump can be protected with a float switch that opens when the water level is too low (wired into the wire connecting the M terminal to the pump start relay). Maybe putting a parallel float switch that is normally open (the previous one is a normally closed switch) and wired into the Rachio S(ensor) port would signal the Rachio that it is raining and stop - you would know that the barrel is empty.

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