Rotors Shoot Water Instead of Spraying Water

I recently installed 4 rainbird 5004 rotors using 6.0 nozzles (for 360 degree radius).

The nozzles are supposed to be ‘rain curtain’ but when the water comes out, it comes out like a straight shot of water instead of spreading out evenly via raincurtain. I can see a circle imprinted on the grass where the water hits it.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? Ive replaced the nozzles with brand new nozzles just to rule out the issue being a faulty nozzle. Also, I recognize I could twist the screw on top to create more of a spread but that would also reduce the radius and would prefer to not have to do that.

Hopefully I’m not the only one who experienced this…

Btw - i also have 42SA rotors (which are supposed to be identical) and they produce what i would consider the ‘rain curtain’

I have 5000 rotors (if I remember correctly). I had to turn down the screws a bit to create the spray, you’ll get spray before it starts limiting the radius.

I also have the 5000 + series and I am using the 2.0 nozzle on all of them without having any issues now I don’t know about the 6.0 nozzle it seems way large unless you have a great amount of water pressure coming in to your house

Thanks for the responses

I called rainbird support and couldn’t get past the automated service… No joke it said “we have too many people in the queue, we are going to disconnect this call, please call back later”

I went with the 6.0 nozzle for 360, 3.0 for 180 and 1.5 for 90 degrees… Your point about the 6.0 nozzle makes me wonder if the amount of water coming out of at once could be the reason why it looks more like a straight shot of water vs. the curtain. Ill reduce it to a 3.0 nozzle and test the output to see what happens but i’d like to think that a 6.0 nozzle would still do the same "rain curtain’ as a 3.0 nozzle but with more water…

Will also check out what happens when i turn down the screw on a 6.0 nozzle as well…


Changed the nozzles to 3.0. - Rain Curtain appeared.

Decided to keep the 3.0 nozzles and doubled the precip rate to account for the the 50% reduction in output compared to the 6.0 nozzles.

Thanks for your advice gentlemen!