Root Depth Sensibility

After reading several posts and saw people mention root depth I wonder for some people how realistic is this number besides lawn. You plant a tree bush whatever not grass. You set the root depth to what you know at the time. Then as time goes on how do you know what the new root depth is to set in Rachio? Do you dig up the plant, measure the root and plant it down again so you get an accurate number? Or you kind of wing it by putting in an average value and be done with it?

I think you have it right, dig it back up, including the tap root on some plants, and really hope it does not die, but if it damage the tap root, it increases the chances and then buy a new plant to start over with. Just kidding!!! This is a very good question. I know that I have talked to some about watering of trees and they talk more about the girth or height of the particular tree to decide how much water to give it.

Less deep than you think…

This is probably a bigger concern when it comes to irrigation, putting water sufficiently away from the trunk.
How far does tree roots spread?

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Sorry, I probably should not attempt to joke like I did. @ParB, good job with the information.

Thomas it was all good. You made me laugh. The forum could use some humor.

Thank you @jtuber, it is sometimes hard to tell it written form the difference between humor and sarcasm. Definitely meant as humor.

And I definitely got it. My post was also meant to point out the absurdity of root depth setting and I am glad you picked up on it.