Root depth changes during overseeding

Hi folks. Would love to know if I’m overthinking this or not.

For the last two years I’ve been making changes to my root depth at overseed time. Happy to go into details later but I’d like to start with the high level of “stop doing this” or “this is the way”.

Basically every time I overseed I put the root depth at 2” and slowly bring it back up to 6” over the course of several weeks. The idea being to tease the roots into growing in intentional staged efforts.

Am I doing too much? I’m in NC, the soil is primarily clay, and I have fescue. I wish Rachio had something to help with over seeding time but alas.

I do that when I overseed with winter rye here in Arizona. I also have to switch from warm season grass to cool, but I also adjust the root depth just as you are. To me, it is the easiest and most logical method of initially increasing the watering frequency while germination, then lowering it to push the watering frequency back out.

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I assume over seeding is same as new grass planting?
When I am watering new grass, I leave my FlexDaily alone, and I add a Couple new Daily waterings to the zones in need, one for morning, and one for midday. Usually like 7-10min, enough to dampen my straw.
I do have to skip when it rains during that month or so. Then at end, just turn that schedule off until next time I plant grass.


Yes, same grass.

Just to clarify you aren’t making changes to root depth right?

No, I’m doing nothing with the Flex Daily. Just running for a short time couple times a day in addition to Flex Daily (which basically won’t run since I keep watering a little everyday).

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I just create a separate, fixed schedule(s) for when I overseed or drop new seed. I just did a reno on my back yard and have 3 fixed schedules running at 10am, 1pm, and 4pm since new seed needs to stay wet. Instead of messing with the knobs of your existing Flex Daily schedule, just create a couple new simple ones while your regular Fixed Daily one is preserved.