Roof runoff rainfall modifier

I have 3 zones that are significantly impacted by roof runoff rainwater. The biggest impacted is a long narrow zone that runs along the side of my house. Because this zone is so narrow the runoff water covers the entire zone with high effeciency.

I’d like to see a runoff modifier in advanced setting to adjust precipitation rates for rainfall. I have some zones that get significantly more water when it rains.

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@Slackeratx, changing this to a Product Suggestion. Great idea, thanks for sharing!


Have you tried to consult some professionals?

That is actually not a bad idea… When I was doing a roof on my house I had no idea how to do it. It is nice that you can look up everything online and find a good option. In a few hours you can do the research and read about this stuff on so many forums. After all that you can think that you know everything about roofing, even though you don’t. I used this option to learn about Tiled Conservatory Roof Replacement and after talking with guys that do this I decided to chose tiles for my roof. It was not that easy to install, but I know that it will last.

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