Hello –

My Rachio has been non responsive for a week. I opened a case early last week but no one has responded to my case. Is there some other process I should follow to start this process?


@Avvid - which version - Gen 2 or Gen 3?

Non responsive how?

What are the light codes?

Gen 3. No blue light, not seen on the app, not responding to button presses.

@Avvid - Has the power supply plug been removed/unplugged and then plugged back in to let the Rachio reboot? (I hate even suggesting this as if this works the root cause may not be identified)

No worries, I tried that with no luck.

@Avvid - I’m assuming the outlet that the Rachio is plugged into is working? If one plugs a lamp in where the Rachio power adapter is the lamp will light? If the plug is a GFI plug it hasn’t tripped has it?

Just asking.

Yep, outlet works

@Avvid - Can the output of the power adapter be tested with a volt meter? It should be 24 VAC. I’m wondering if the power adapter failed.

@laura.bauman - can you see about having support contact @Avvid and maybe sending them a new power supply?

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I was able to call the Toll Free Number and get it sorted. Thanks everyone.