Revive "Works with Nest" functionality in Google Home/Assistant

Since Google has sunsetted the WWNest function, it would be great if the same functionality could be integrated into Google Home. Specifically, the automation of your sprinklers if the Nest Protect detects smoke, like this (taken from an old support article)…

“Nest Integration Rachio helps protect your neighbors by mitigating fire spread. Rachio will automatically begin cycling through your sprinkler zones if your Nest Protect detects smoke. Rachio sat…”

In the interim, how about a manual button to do just that? There was a feature request in July of '19 for an emergency setting, the response was to set up your own schedule. I don’t intend to sound snotty (really!), but I thought the whole point of the Rachio was to NOT have to set up your own schedules. Cough cough.

That’s it, and thanks.

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reviving this older topic.
Now that my Rachio controller is integrated with google home - I’m also wondering if this is something that will be fixed. It’s a bummer when a great feature like this stops working.

If not, does someone know, is there a different smoke detector that does the same thing?
i.e. cycles the sprinklers when smoke is detected. ?

I’d like to know this as well. (is there some other smoke dector that can do this?). It was a great feature- fire season is nerve wracking as it is.