Review seasonal shift changes

I may be missing something obvious but is there a way to review what the seasonal shift setting is doing to my watering times? I found an article from 2017 but the settings no longer apply to the new layouts (at least the menu selections don’t match those in the article). I run fixed schedules as we are only able to water on specific days due to water restrictions. I have seasonal shift activated (and saturation skip as well). For the past 6 months the watering times have not been adjusted (I get the email notifications but they reflect zero changes). I was wondering if there was a change, would it be reflected somewhere? For example under watering times is there a seasonal shift column showing what the seasonal shift function is currently doing to the inputted watering times? I also commented on the lack of a manual % change functionality as alternative to the automated seasonal shift in case the seasonal shift functionality is not working. The current manual time adjustment doesn’t make much sense. The percentage change is surely what the seasonal shift programme does anyway and would therefore be a better way of making manual seasonal adjustments to watering schedules (both my old Rainbird and Hunter controllers included such basic adjustment which was easy enough to adjust).