Reversing cable openings on Rachio 3 outdoor enclosure

Hi guys,

I’m looking into purchasing the Rachio 3 and examined my existing setup to see how easy the installation would be. Based on what I’m seeing, it looks like my current configuration (power cables on the right, zone wires on the left) is the exact opposite of the configuration for the outdoor enclosure. However, I don’t have enough physical to move the zone wires to the right hand side (pics below). The enclosure is 11" wide and the breaker panel is too close for the zone wires to fit on the right side. Any suggestions on what can be done? Ideally, I could just swap the outdoor enclosure configuration.

@HandyBeast - why not transition the zone wires from rigid PVC to flexible conduit and then bend the pipe to put the zone wires on the right of the Rachio. It looks like the power is already in flexible conduit. The other option is to put two 90 degree elbows in the zone wire to move the wiring to the right. I don’t think this would add too much to the degree of difficulty in the installation.

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@DLane, thanks for the response. My concern is that the wires won’t reach if I have to bend them and add length to the pipe. As you can see in the pics, the wires don’t have a lot of slack. Do you know if the PVC/conduit has to go into the ground to a certain depth to make it weather proof?

@HandyBeast - sprinkler wire is designed to be directly buried so it is weather proof. I might use something like this:

Along with water tight wire nuts to connect a new section of wire and change directions.

Sprinkler voltage is only 24 VAC, so not high voltage.

One can also lower the controller (but leave an unpainted spot on the wall) to create the extra wire slack.