[Resolved]Help, cannot setup wifi

Hi I recently changed wifi routers, and cannot get Rachio gen 2 to set up new wifi. It is stuck on stage 4, the 3 previous lights stay lit, the 4th keeps blinking.

Emailed support and never heard back, anyone has any clues? TIA!

I assume that you saw

but the suggestions failed?

Did you try calling 844 4RACHIO (1 844 472 2446)?

Did you set up the new router with the same SSID and password as the old? And your other devices came back online without any reconfiguration, but Rachio didn’t? And what did you try from there?

New router make/model? When you log into app.rach.io, does the controller appear in your account? Does the controller show in your router’s device list? If so, and you open that IP address in your browser, do you see the expected 404 error?

I’ll call them, only tried to email them per instruction. I’ve tried hard reset, reset wifi, removed from app, re-add, but it wouldn’t complete the setup process.

If you answer the questions in the last paragraph of my previous post, there may be some other things worth trying.

Also, when you first rebooted the controller after installing the new router (before doing any resets or using the app), what were the lights showing?

There is no controller showing in my account’s device list. I’ve tried to hard reset a few times, it blinks orange in the second light, waiting to be added, so I’d use my app to add, and it progresses to light #4 and gets stuck there.

I switched routers and re-installed all my smart devices, all of them succeeded, Rachio is the last one holding out.

problem resolved, updated the mobile app, thanks for your help Steward!

I’m glad to hear that you got it working, but I’m curious as to what went wrong initially.

After replacing the router (assuming same SSID and password), just cycling power to the controller should have brought it back online. Do you remember what the lights showed when you did that?

There were a few problems, I had swapped out my Apple Airport for another router and the SSID was slightly different, so I pressed on the wifi reset button to get the second light to flash orange; there was an iOS 14.2 bug that forced me to go to the wifi setting to manually connect to Rachio, but by the time I figured this out, had already deleted the device from my app; lastly, my iOS app wasn’t the most up to date version, so the Rachio light was stuck on the 4th while trying to add back the device, once I updated the app from the App Store, everything just passed.

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