Resetting the device and blinking up

I was able to blink up the device and some of the station worked but the wiring from the old unit was apparently was mislabeled (the common was not white etc, I was able to get the wiring sorted out but I’m not able to blink up again getting a precondition failed code412

Hi @grimbasement, can you do me a quick favor and power cycle the Iro but unplugging it and plugging it back in? Let me know what color the WiFi light is flashing. The Iro shouldn’t need to be blinked up more than once. What screen do you get if you log out and back into the app?

Thanks, got the timer working again with no errors although I did think that 35 minutes per station 3 times a week was a bit excessive for March. I guess I’ll have to do some fine tuning.