Resetting "High Flow detected" message for a zone?

Cool! I added a string of drippers to one of my zones and ran it manually to make sure nothing was leaking. I completely forgot about recalibrating the zone and the wireless flow meter dutifully reported that the flow was higher than expected!

I got an email with:
Once the leak is repaired, you must re-enable and recalibrate the zone from within the app.

Within the app I performed a re-calibration on the zone, however it is not showing as disabled. I’ve tried toggling the zone on and off, but the “high flow detected” banner on for the zone remains.

Does the persist until the next time the zone runs?

You will see the banner until the alert on the dashboard for that zone is dismissed. You can dismiss it by clicking the X button in top right corner.

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Hahahahah, :man_facepalming:… I can’t believe I didn’t do the most obvious thing.

I can’t believe I can’t find an “X” to click on to dismiss the message. I know I’m missing the obvious, but I’ve been unable to find it on the Android app and on a browser.

UPDATE: Something must changed. I was able to select “EDIT” on the zone and Archive the notice. After I exited and opened the app again, the banner was gone.