Resetting for new wifi

Have new wifi. May be working (?) via cell phone, but app on computer shows gen 2 controller still offline. Selected Device Settings, but nothing there for resetting wifi (where is Device Settings - Dashboard?). On controller 1st light on, 2nd light blinking.

@wjtitus - see this for resetting the WiFi on the Rachio ->

Followed instructions (unplugged controller for several minutes, replugged the power, held down & other button until ring was completely lit, went back to Rachio app and selected Device Settings. Menu showed : Dev name, ZIP code, S/N, Mstr Vlv, Rain Sensor,Stby Mode, GeoLocation,MAC Address,Min Water hammer, and Sensor 2 - nothing else. What is Device Settings (Dashboard)?

I just had to update my WiFi and everything worked as in the link posted. What is not clearly spelled out in the instruction link is that you need to connect your iPhone to the Rachio-… device on your available networks (and not to your WiFi) if I remember correctly. This will allow to access the UPDATE WIFI button, and should be a breeze from there. Hope this helps!

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Hey @wjtitus-

I think @hgugger caught the issue- this must be done on mobile! Sounds like you may have been attempting from the web. Have you gotten your controller reconnected? Let me know if you are still having issues!

PS: I will try to get that article to be more explicit.

McKynzee :rachio:

That did it - it’s back on line. Thanks!

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