Request for Report from IA Show

What is happening at the Irrigation Show Rachio.
What is your focus at the show? Gen 3?

First report was posted here:

I would love to hear some synopsis/ reviews of product from anyone that may be going to the conference that would interest the Rachio community. Please report back!

Yeah it always helps to go to and look at the show program.

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Show is open. What’s happening at the Rachio booth?

I am not there (lame) but here’s a pic of the booth!!


Looks nice and professional.

That’s (currently available) Iro2 hardware being shown. No surprise disclosure here!

Hope you got plenty of cell phones with your app on them, so you can show simply turning on and off zones with one’s phone. For residential people I still find this the most fascinating part they find.

Good luck with sales.

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Very nice! Missing the show myself.

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