Reported rain

My new Rachio rain skip is actually working but I question the amount of rain it says it’s using as basis for the skip. On the email I got 1 hour prior to watering it says:

“At 04:11 PM, 60 minutes before your Water all zones schedule’s start time, your weather station has observed 0.81 in of precipitation in the past 24 hours. Based on predicted weather in your area, we estimate that your yard will receive approximately 0.0 in of precipitation in the next 24 hours. The estimated total for your device area is 0.81 in of precipitation over a 48 hour period.”

My weather station, MID_AR428 reported 0.41 inches since midnight, and 0.45 inches in the past 24 hours. I know this because it is my station. So my question is where is the 0.81 inches of rain coming from since the forecast is zero?

I would recommend getting in touch with the support team at They will be able to pull up your account info and run an API query on the station to compare the values sent to the API host against the actual values on the PWS’ website. If there is a discrepancy we will be happy to get the API host involved to find out what is happening!