Replacing Toro TMC 212

I just purchased a Rachio 3 and have a question on the wiring. My Toro TMC-212 with 11 zones has 2 wires attached to the 1 Torro COM. Do each of these 2 wires connect 1 in each of the Rachio C (Common)?

Thanks in advance


@billp0527 - welcome to the community.

The easiest solution it to put one wire in each of the Rachio C(ommon) terminals. One can also wire nut the two wires together with a pigtail and insert the pigtail into one Rachio C(ommon) terminal. The Rachio C(ommon) terminals are connected together internally, so it doesn’t matter which terminal is used.

If you have any other wiring questions taking and posting a before picture helps! I’d also recommend running through a quick run of each zone with the Toro before disconnecting it so that one knows the existing system is running each zone with no issues (e.g. broken wire or bad solenoid). That makes the troubleshooting so much easier and quicker.

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Thanks. Connected the wires to 2 common. All zones are working

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