Replacing Toro GreensKeeper 212 with Rachio 3

I’m having issues replacing my old (2003) Toro controller with the Rachio I just purchased. I’ve review the other posts with similar issues, but their wiring is different that what I see when I open the cover on the Toro!
IMG_0067 IMG_0066

See attached photos.

I took a look at the manual located at GreenKeeper w/run (

It appears the terminals running along the top are for zones 1-4 (left to right) with the ones on the left (top to bottom) being sensor, sensor, com, MV/pump (nothing connected), and the last two 24VAC.

For the Rachio, the common wires go to C, zones 1-4 to the same, the Rachio power supply gets plugged into the wall and also the Rachio, and that only leaves the sensor. One sensor wire would go to S1 and the other to ground or 24VAC (depending on the sensor). You can try it without the sensor attached at first and I would likely try the ground next. Well, I would probably research the sensor first to see if it needs power or not. Do you know anything about the sensor.

Thanks for your quick response!

The sensor is also circa 2003, not too worried about that. However, if you look at the left side of the photo, near age battery there is a black and a brown wire. I haven no clue what they could be for. Any ideas?

It appears the black and brown are not connected. It is possible that they are extra wires for future zones. I cannot tell where they are coming from. If they are in the same bundle of the other zone wires, that is probably what they are.

Thank you. I’ll get into it tomorrow and see what happens.

Please let us know how it goes. It appears to be straight forward to me.

Thank you for all your help, they system is installed and seems to be working fine. Thanks again.

Good work @22River!