Replacing the oldest controller in the universe with a R3

After a move back to sunny northern California, we have a rental with what may be the oldest controller that I’ve seen in years. I can’t find a model number, manual, or anything for it. The property owner has given us the OK to replace it with a Rachio 3. It seems to only have two working zones. We haven’t tested the controller itself because nobody knows how and randomly pushing buttons achieved nothing. The sprinkler valves are right out front and if we turn them on by hand, the sprinklers work.

Has anybody ever seen this controller before? The plan is to just replace it. Does the wiring look ok?

Thanks everyone!


Good news is that the system was built to run on 24VAC, which is what Rachio is designed to work with.
Only wires you will want to use / keep are the white, orange and green, everything else can be left disconnected (especially the two black wires going into the 24VAC terminals).

Simply connect the white to any of the C terminals on the Rachio, orange to terminal 1 and green to terminal 2, then proceed with the setup & test via the Rachio app. You do not have a master valve by the looks of it, setup should be painless and straight forward.


P.S. @Stewart amazing!


Pleased to report that the Rachio 3 finally arrived after a lengthy UPS delay, and I got it installed and working great! Thanks for the help @Gene and @Stewart :smiley:

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