Replacing rotary heads with a soaker hose

Typical backyard, nothing terribly fancy, but i’m having trouble adequately watering the plants.
In this image, just off to the right, there’s a typical rotary sprinkler head, and one at the opposite corner (behind me in this view) of the yard. They are the only two heads on Zone 5.
I"m thinking of replacing them with a soaker hose so I can get out to the beds like you see in this photo. The opposite side of the yard is a mirror image with a similar planter box layout.

The Texas sun and really hot temperatures recently have been miserable for the garden this year. :frowning:

My questions are:
Does this seem like a viable solution?
How long can I go with a soaker hose?

I’m new to this so any advice is appreciated. I’m trying to automate it rather than moving a soaker hose out there manually because my work schedule is all over the place and I keep forgetting.

Thanks everyone!