Replacing Rainbird ESP-ME

Just wondering if anyone has replaced one of these or knows the wiring order?
I think they are doubling up the zones with only 4 zone wires being used. There should be more then 8 zones, but I may need to worry about changing that later. There is also a rain sensor wired in there as well. Here is an image of the current setup.


I know we’ve had quite a few people switch out their ESP models.

Hope this helps. Our can also help with wiring issues if you have any further questions.


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Yep, I HAD the same controller (ESP) with 8 zones and a Irritrol wireless rain sensor RS1000. I switched it out and installed the Rachio 2 gen towards the beginning of this summer season. Was simple to do, remove zone wires and rain sensor wires from old ESP unit and remove old controller box from wall. Install/mount new Rachio controller box and insert zone wires in zone order as they were on your old controller. As for whatever rain sensor you may have that will need to be wired in per Rachio’s support instruction.