Replacing rainbird esp-8


Greetings. I was planning to change out a rainbird esp-8 with the rachio gen-2. I only have 6!zones and I understand that the gen-2 only comes with the 16 right? Anyway, my current set up has a hard wired power with a transformer. Is this compatible with the rachio? Would i use the same transformer? I don’t have an outlet near by and it is an outdoor unit. Thank you


We now have an 8 zone gen 2! And our outdoor enclosure is perfect for hard wiring, both available here or Amazon.

Let us know if you have any other questions.



I see. Thanks. How about the power supply? Do I use the old transformer or does the rachio come with its own?


Our controller comes with its own power supply.


This will also help…



I just replaced my Rainbird ESP-12 with the Gen 2. The outdoor enclosure makes it easy to do. Make sure you take a picture of your ESP-8 wiring and label the wires. I had a rain sensor but since I was able to connect to a local PWS (personal weather station) through Wunderground, I don’t need the rain sensor anymore. Good luck.



Great advice for our installation. This can be a life saver if things go sideways :wink:



Thanks for the quick response and great advise. Just ordered it and will see how it goes.


My old ESP-12 had a grounded plug-in cord that plugged into an outside outlet. I just took the connection hardware off the ESP-12 and used it on the Gen 2. The wiring connection on the right is the valve wiring and the one on the left is the power.


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Hi, I have same question about rainbird esp-6 that has transformer, I bought the 2gen rachio 16 zone also. Are you saying it should be replaced by 8zone rachio?



Can you send an email to with your question and any applicable wiring photos? They will be able to help you with wiring questions and moving to our controller. You can reference this forum post if you’d like.

Thanks and have a great day!