Replacing mechanical controller to a Rachio 3

Hi, I have an old 120v mechanical irrigation timer that I want to replace with the rachio 3,
its a 4 zone and I wonder if I will need a pro for this?

@trole - welcome to the community. That is known as an indexing valve. There are many posts in the community with replacing an Intermatic timer with Rachio or an index(ing) valve.

There are two options.

  1. Use the Rachio and a 24 VAC solenoid in the master valve to replace the Intermatic timer. This may be suboptimal as the Flex Daily option is not available in this configuration.

  2. In addition to the above, replace the indexing valve with four discrete valves. This will give you maximum flexibility.

Both options have been done by many homeowners.

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Thank you!
So with the first option I will only be able to control it with Flex monthly schedule or Fixed?
Will I need to install a transformer to run the 24VAC solenoid?

Also, is there any video instruction that show removal of the old timer and replacing the new rachio 3 ?

@trole Here are the answers.

  1. Yes
  2. The Rachio will power the transformer. You will need the Rachio Outdoor enclosure to install the Rachio if it is going where the Intermatic timer went.
  3. While there may not be video, there are plenty of threads with photographs where people have documented the steps they took.

The Rachio Outdoor enclosure can be wired to the outlet box where the existing Intermatic timer gets its power. Be sure to turn off the circuit breaker to that outlet when disconnecting the Intermatic timer and wiring in the Rachio outdoor enclosure. You’ll probably need to replace the old wire running from the plug to the Intermatic to have a long enough wire to connect the Rachio outdoor enclosure. Plus, be sure to put it in conduit - flexible or solid - to keep the weather and fingers out of the high voltage area.