Replacing Hunter PGP red nozzles with blue


Just received my Gen 2 last week and it has inspired me to overhaul my 10 year old sprinkler system. I’ve ordered a bunch of Hunter PGP blue nozzles to replace the existing red ones. I have purchased a dozen Orbit catch cups to determine the final precipitation rate once complete.

I plan on using 1.5 gpm nozzles for my 45 degree rotors, 3.0gpm for my 180 degree rotors, and 6.0gpm for my single 360 degree rotor.

Does this sound right with you folks? Any other suggestions besides realigning heads and tweaking throw distance?


Refer to this topic: Need some help with Nozzle PR settings

I have the Hunter PGP and Pro-Spray nozzles. Those GPM’s are probably by spec but how they were installed may change that.

You can do one of two things: catch cup test or water meter. Luckily my sprinkler system is on a separate meter and I was able to figure it out via the water meter.

Also, take a look at this topic: Catch cups vs Water meter

Those should help you out!


@pavlov70, here’s a great support article by Hunter that details what you’re trying to do. Enjoy!

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Thanks for the replies! Looks like I’m on the right track.

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