Replacing Hunter Icore Dual 2-wire

My home has a way-overkill Hunter iCore 2 wire system with 15 stations. Is there any sensible way to replace the iCore with a Racchio, given my Hunter Dual 2-wire system?

@xns - Rachio is not compatible with a 2 wire system. I believe those systems use a proprietary signalling method to turn on a specific valve. One would have to replace the field wire (one wire per zone plus a common, instead of just two wires) and solenoids to use Rachio.


Ok, reopening this conversation about replacing a Hunter iCore 2wire system which I loathe beyond words.

Understand I can’t reuse the Hunter wiring, so I need to run new wire to every valve. The valves are in a few clusters around the property. I would rather not retrench from every set of valves a home run to a central controller.

I could do a minimum of trenching by using several controllers around the property. BUT, there is a Master Valve.

In an ideal world, Rachio software would be able to treat several controllers as a single logical controller, with one of the controllers wired to the Master Valve and that one controller turning on the Master Valve any time any zone is running on any of the controllers. Do I live in that world?

@xns - sorry to tell you that you don’t live in a world where several physical controllers can act as one logical controller.

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