Replacement power supply

The input to the Rachio controller from the power supply that came with it is about 1/16-1/8 of an inch too long to fit in the protective box recommended when I bought my unit - so when we closed the box it pinched the wire and it can’t power up the unit. Can you recommend a new power supply that maybe has a bent input plug that will fit?

Is there enough room to resolder the wire and heat shrink it?

Hey @bcowin-

Do you mind posting a picture? I am a little unsure of the issue you are running into and it would be very helpful.

McKynzee :rachio:

I circled the problem area in the photo. Right where the wire goes into the plug end, it’s broken from being bent to fit inside the box then further squished by the cover of the box. The controller can’t be moved any further left to accommodate the plug because of the electrical outlet. I just need a power supply that has an elbow rather than a straight plug. Or specs on the size of plug-end and power needs so I can buy a generic power supply.

I don’t think so. And even if I could somehow repair the wire, I think I’d have the same problem - simply not enough room for this particular type of plug end. ETA - but if I could find a new elbow plug-end that fit the box I could probably patch in the existing power supply. Hmmm…

@bcowin looks like you could use one of these:

A right angle endpoint replacement here (link), 6ft is way more than you need, but it’s cheaper than the rest. You would need to cut & replace the end of the supply cable. Since this is an AC power supply, wire polarity does not matter, just strip about 1 / 2 of an inch off of the old cable (to expose the conductive core) and twist the ends to connect with the new cable. Make sure to get some electrical tape to safely isolate the resulting splice and safeguard against shorts.

Or (it the existing endpoint is working when the wire is straight), you could use this 90 degree adapter (link). In which case you would simply plug the old plug into the female end of the adapter and the Rachio to male end.