Replaced a Smartline Weathermatic with Rachio and no zones work

I just replaced a Smartline Irrigation Contoller with a Rachio Gen 2. When testing the zones none of them will work.

@itchybrowneye - can you post some before and after pictures of the wiring? Do you have a pump start relay or master valve in the setup? If so, there is a setting that needs to be activated in the application for that feature to work which will prevent the system from watering.

Can a valve be manually activated at the solenoid?

What is the light pattern on the Rachio?

So many questions, so few answers.

The support folks at Rachio are also very good. Give them a call or post answers here.


Operator error, most likely wiring error. Was Rachio fully synced with your WiFi?

Rachio is synced with WiFi, I was able to get into the app no problem. Just when I went to activate any zone it says it is watering but nothing was coming out of the sprinklers.

I didn’t take any before photos, but I did label the wires going into the zones. I also tried with the option of a master pump or not.

@itchybrowneye - my quick guess is to move the white wire from the SC terminal to the C terminal. Then we’ll need to understand what the sensor setup is as I think one of the black wires in S1 or S2 should move to SC.

@itchybrowneye I think @DLane is onto something with moving your white wire. Do you know what kind of sensor you have hooked up? If so, I may be able to find some wiring diagrams.

I did have some old photos of the old system.

@itchybrowneye - based on the old picture do the following:

  1. White wire to one of the C ports on the Rachio.
  2. Blue wire to the M port on the Rachio.
  3. Black jumper wire (sen to sen) - remove not needed on the Rachio.
  4. Activate the Master Valve/Pump Start Relay option in the application.

BINGO!!! It worked… Thanks guys for the assist!