Replace two Hunter controllers with one Rachio?

I currently have two separate irrigation systems for my front and back yard - the front is a six zone setup using an 8-zone Hunter brand Pro-C controller, and the back uses a Hunter SRC-Plus six zone controller. These are mounted next to each other in my garage, though each has completely independent wiring.

Can I replace both with a single 16-zone third gen Rachio controller, or would I need to purchase two units?


@gtt Do you water at the same time with those two controllers? If you do, then the Rachio 16-zone will increase watering time because you can only water one zone at a time.

No, I only use one at a time - typically each controller on a different day.

@gtt Do you have a master valve? If you do, do you know if it is the same master valve for both controllers?

I have 10 zones and a single master valve, and replaced my hunter controller with a Rachio 3 16-zones.

@gtt - One Rachio Gen 3 16 zone system should power both systems. Exceptions could be dual pump start relays, master valves or indexing type valves (doesn’t sound like you have an indexing valve). If none of those conditions are present, then it should work.

I’m not sure re: two master valves. Can this be determined from looking at the existing controller wiring?

It might be labeled M. Do you see it in existing controller? And if so, does it have any wires connected to it?

Pics of the two controllers below - first two are one controller, the third is the other. Nothing hooked up to either MV terminal, so no master valve at all. Any obvious issues combining these two systems based on the below?

Thanks again!

@gtt - no issues that I see. Put each white common wire in their own C terminal in the Rachio as there are multiple.

Good luck and welcome to the community.

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