Replace hunter pro-c with Rachio 3

HI I need some help on how i can do cabling on my new rachio-3, planning to replace hunter pro-c. current cable photo is attached.

@biju888 - My guess is that there is a Hunter remote and wireless rain sensor in your configuration.

The remote should be the blue, white and red wires in the REM and AC1 and AC2 terminals. Those will not go forward to the Rachio.

The current power to the Hunter is the yellow wires in AC1 and AC2 and the green in the GND terminals, those will also not go forward to the Rachio.

For now leave the rain sensor disconnected from the Rachio. Iā€™m guessing those wires are the white and blue wires in the two SEN terminals, along with the two yellow wires in the AC1 and AC2 terminals. Once your Rachio is working and the exact sensor is determined the correct connection can be found at Best guess is white and either of the yellow to VAC 24 -, the other yellow to VAC 24 + and the blue wire to S1, with Sensor 1 set to rain sensor in the app.

The other wires move straight over to the Rachio. The two white wires in the COM go to a Rachio C (they can have their own individual terminal) and the zone wires 1-7 go the the corresponding Rachio terminals 1 - 7.

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