Repeating daily schedules

When seeding or reseeding a lawn often needs to be watered more than once each day. How do you set repeated schedules without recreating what is already in my schedules?

When I overseed my winter lawn here in Arizona, I create 5 or 6 fixed schedules, each running 10 minutes (I have low PR MP Rotator nozzles) spread out thru the daylight hours. This allows me to start removing schedules and cut back watering every couple weeks as the seed germinates and the grass begins to grow. Works really well for me.


I do a similar way as @tmcgahey – for me, I only use 3 fixed schedules, and I have one schedule drop off each week. When I start them each year, I just change the dates, all starting on the same date and each ending a week apart. I turn all weather intelligence off, including rain because I don’t want a weather prediction that doesn’t happen to keep it from watering (I have a rain sensor, so if we do get enough rain, my system won’t water anyway). Enable it all and then just forget about it. I’ve done this for the last few years and it has worked like a champ.

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