Repeat Scheduling Function MUST Be Created

Hi All. This topic is frequent and posting my email to Rachio support to push up on their radar. Phoenix AZ weather mostly predictive to the seasons. BLUF: Please create a repeating schedule where my seasonal settings for plant and lawn will run without the user having to remember to deactivate one schedule to activate another. This seems SO intuitive as function that it’s surprising not to see it on a premium controller like this. Email to support below. Please + 1 this to get it infront of product team to prioritize on their roadmap for updates.

Hi Rachio Team,

I know what I’d like my irrigation system to do each season. Is there a way for me to set the intervals and time amounts based on dates and then have the program run that cycle based on dates I enter in perpetuity, year after year? The app and web application seem to require and end date. I’d just like the watering schedule to change base on my input for the seasons and then repeat this again year after year.

Thanks for your help.