Removing wire

I’m re-doing my landscaping and need to replace a cable on My Gen 2 16 zone Rachio… 7 of the 8 wires came out successfully. The 8th is stuck. I can’t pull it out. The little button is depressed fully, but the wire is firmly engaged. I don’t want to break anything.

So far, I’ve just had to try to splice on the new cable to the syb that’s left of the old one. That’s not a good permanent solution. There is nothing I could find anywhere on how to properly remove wires (big fail).

Try using an ice pick or a finish nail and push hard. Wire should come out easy.

Nope, I’m using a 00 Phillips screwdriver. The square tab is already fully depressed, but the wire is stuck inside the connector.

Can you “unscrew” the wire?

Hey @Rodneya-

Sorry for the issues you are running into with the wire terminals. Have you been able to remove the wire? Worst case, you can cut the wire, and we will send you a replacement device free of charge.

Also, thank you for this feedback on our support site. I will pass this along to our documentation team!

McKynzee :rachio:

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I know this sounds counter intuitive, but push the release and then try pushing the wire further in, then pull it out. Perhaps there is too much tension pulling the wire out to release the clamp tooth thingy.


Thank you. This solution of pushing it down more worked very well.