Removing and Replacing a Flow Meter

Rachio has done an excellent job in providing both written instructions and videos on how to install the wireless flow meter. However, it appears there are no instructions on how to remove and replace it. Is it safe to assume that due to the permanent nature of the shark bite fittings that the only way to get it off is to cut and replace the pvc/pex/copper piping both above and below the fittings? If that is the case, does Rachio assume that consumers will do this type of work or hire a professional? The reason I ask is that I installed my wireless flow meter and it appears that the unit may be defective and needs to be replaced. Therefore at this point I may need to bring in a professional and incur a cost that I did not anticipate.

There are tools that will remove the fittings, but it depends on which type of fittings were used. The one for the Orbit PVC fittings is basically a thin, split metal sleeve that slides between the fitting and the pipe, releasing the teeth that bite into the pipe. I got mine and Home Depot or Lowes (after putting the flow meter on upside down. Oops!!!) for less than $5. There are also PEX and Sharkbite removal tools that won’t damage the pipe.

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@dougc - Thanks for the reply. I used the same Orbit PVC fittings. Any chance you can link to or identify the exact tool you described? Thanks again.

This is the tool.


That’s great. Thank you @dougc. I’m sure that will be helpful to others on this board.

This was very helpful for me, also a couple screwdrivers to get some additional space to work with to remove the shark bites.