Remove custom nozzle

I was trying out a few things to create a custom nozzle for drip (converting gph to in/hr) what seems to be rather specific per drip location.

Anyway, how can I remove these nozzles.

This should help

Let us know if you have any other questions.


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Found out how to get there. I used to get to the nozzles section only via the edit zone, and then select the nozzle. That’s where I did press the ‘add’ button.

I just noticed from the main menu you can get to the customs nozzle section.

It would be good that from the select nozzle section, there is a link to the custom nozzles. And only in one place you can add and delete them.
Currently there are now 2 places where you add nozzles, but one place where you can remove nozzles. That’s where my confusion started.

All solved now.