Remote WiFi valve

I currently just started my journey with Rachio with the v3 and the flow sensor!

I have a patio area out front with power and would love to have a remote valve that works with my Rachio to save me from adding a Rachio v2 just for one valve to be controlled. Possible? So I would power the valve and join it to WiFi and the Rachio can control it?

Any refurbed v2 Rachios our there that I can get?

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Are you looking for a WIFI controlled solenoid valve so that you don’t have to run a wire to it?

That is a great idea! I would love to have something like this, and have a different use case. I would peel off a zone and use it for the solenoid valve that fills my pool. I would setup a manual schedule for it similar to the one I use for the electronic timer. I have to change the fill frequency/duration occasionally due to the weather (fill the pool more often when it’s hot), and could easily do that from my Rachio. I have power and WiFi out by the pool equipment. What I don’t want to do is tear up the concrete and trench out to the pool equipment to run 18/2 wire from my Rachio.


There are some simple tools available to bore under concrete with a minimal mess. A wifi valve does sound good though.