Remote location setup /internet connection

We are looking to upgrade our irrigation system at our HOA community. We have several entrances with irrigation controls (mechanical) we want to upgrade to Rachio units as well as the pool/clubhouse one.
Has anyone attempted to set these units up at remote sites like entrance ways? If so how were you able to get internet connectivity? We were thinking of Comcast internet wifi but weren’t sure if it would work.
Any helpnor suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

@mrotunda - I’ve seen comments where people used a MiFi/Hotspot to provide internet service to a Rachio. Rachio doesn’t need much bandwidth or data. Depending on where the power to the entrances is coming from an ethernet (with WiFi) over powerline option might also work.


@DLane - Thank you for the response. I didn’t even consider a powerline option. Will have to investigate that option.