Remote Can Be Flakey


Has anyone noticed the Remote in the iOS app being somewhat flakey? I’ve noticed that if I use the remote to run a few zones, leave the app, come back later and select new options, that it will ignore my selections and just start running the all the zones (default).


I haven’t had this problem with my iOS app. Granted, I do not manually run the water that often.

I have observed strange remote behavior with poor wifi (both to the phone and/or rachio)

I have seen weirdness with it, but my hands are always wet when using it, so,blame it on that

Can’t speak for Apple, but the app on Android works great. My boss has Apple and he has mentioned no problem.

Mine did that once. … I wanted one zone to run, and once that was done it moved on the the next… but I thought it was me. Only happened once.