Rembering login information


Remembering login username to sign into the website to check controller.


Hi @tjhughes3845,

What specifically can we help you with?

Dan :rachio:



Hi Dan,
Recently installed a Gen 2. When I want to log into the web site, I need to enter my username and password each time. I was wondering if there is, or will be, a “remember my username” feature drop-down in which if the username is selected correctly, the password appears. This will allow easier access to he Rachio website and my controller information.


Hi @tjhughes3845,

After you log in, and until you log out, the app stores references to your user information in the browser. This should allow you to use the web app without re-logging in each time. Is that not how it’s working for you?

Dan :rachio:



I log out after viewing my controller information. I am thinking it will timeout like many other websites. So, based on your reply, I assume it will not timeout and I should not have to log out. However, does the information refresh automatically?




All your information gets updated every time you open the web app. It does not time out…

Dan :rachio:


Great news! Thank you. Really enjoying my Gen 2 which replaces a competitors controller. It kept disconnecting from my wifi router. Since I installed the Gen 2 this past weekend, it stays online. Plus, I like the website page better…very user friendly and good visually. I will say that I’m a little confused on the water usage history, but I’ll catch up soon by reading more on your Help support page. You would be interested on what I did to install the Gen 2 in an Orbits Timer Box Cover #57095. To get the Gen 2 to fit, I replaced the outlet receptacle with a 360 degree outlet. This allowed the transformer plug to orientate in a direction that provided the space for the Gen 2.


Awesome @tjhughes3845! Good to hear. I’m sure @emil (our head of support) will be interested in your setup :slight_smile:

Dan :rachio: