Release notes / updates

@franky_Brit‌, release notes are currently available at

Any release notes for the version for Android that went up today and I just downloaded? Thanks.

@franky_Brit‌ Here’s a link:

I’ll add more info on it shortly.

Come on Apple, lets get the iOS version approved !!!

@chris‌, was there a problem during the iOS approval process? 8 days is a long time, even for Apple.

No problem that we have been informed of. We’re guessing it might have to do with WWDC last week.

That makes sense. Approval times seem to be trending upward over the past week.

iOS version 1.3.1 is now available.

Great! Is 1.3.2 still on track for a 6/13 release?

I believe so. We might loose a day though since we are submitting it today.

Cycle soak has already shown up on 1.3.1 for me. Am I missing something?

Don’t see Cycle Soak on mine Conrad. Also can we get a little more info on a) what exactly water budgeting does and b) how can we find out which areas are able to receive/use weather intelligence. It states may not be available in your area but would be useful to know if the zip/geo location you are in is supported so you know whether to count on it or not

@conrad314‌ Shouldn’t be there anymore. Got released a little early :slight_smile: We’re still working out a few things with it.

Chris could you please comment on my questions RE: Water Budgeting & areas with Weather Intelligence ? Thanks so much

Sounds good, looking forward to the official release.

I second wildcat_1. It would be nice to know more.

@Wildcatz_1‌ Yes, sorry about that. Water budgeting will adjust the minutes for each zone within a Watering Time that you have enabled water budgeting for. So, for example, in the summer, in the mid west, you might expect to see your zone durations increase by x% and then decrease by x% as we head into the fall.

This will be different for other areas of the country. For example, in Florida, you might expect to see your zone times decrease over the summer during the rainy season.

If you enable water budgeting for a given watering schedule, it will adjust that schedule seasonally based on whatever durations you have set. That is, if you adjust durations after we create a baseline schedule for you, it will budget around your new durations.

As for weather intelligence, if you see that we’re tracking weather in your location - you see weather within your app - you will be covered. It will be rare that it isn’t.

Chris. Thanks, so to clarify, if I see the option to turn Weather Intelligence on then that means it is available in my market ?

@Wildcatz_1‌ Yes

Chris can you also comment on how Cycle Soak will work as I (and am sure others) are very interested in how this will help us with our irrigation. I understand what Cycle Soak is just wondering how you are planning on implementing it.


@Wildcatz_1‌ Yep. Our system will look at attributes on each of your zones and decide if cycle soak is appropriate, and if so, will break up the given zone’s duration into 2 or more cycles. It will also insure that enough time passes in between the given zone’s cycles.

So, for example, if you only have one zone that has a duration of 15 minutes, our system may decide to break that duration up into three 5 minute cycles and make sure that each cycle waters 30 minutes apart. This insures enough time for the water to soak in.

Hope this helps.