Relay-pump setup + WFM?


I have a Relay-pump & well setup that feeds my system, With Gen3 controller.

Do I have a backflow preventer? (See pic) Flow meter mentions needing one?
Will adding flow sensor conflict with a relay pump setup?


I don’t see a back flow preventer in the picture and if you pump isn’t hooked to your potable (inside the house) water, then I don’t think you need a back flow preventer. I don’t see why the flow meter won’t work with your system. May need a longer stabilization time though.


Longer Stabilization ? How ?


You can set pressurization time during calibration.



Thank you @franz, Are flow sensor alerts specific to which zone is having the low/high flow issue?


Yes they should be per zone, unless an inactive (no zones should be running) alert where we don’t know what zone is leaking.



Was told on Rachio FB page, they don’t recommend installing flow sensor where I wanted to install it :sob: was looking fwd to buying one.