Relay-pump setup + WFM?

I have a Relay-pump & well setup that feeds my system, With Gen3 controller.

Do I have a backflow preventer? (See pic) Flow meter mentions needing one?
Will adding flow sensor conflict with a relay pump setup?

I don’t see a back flow preventer in the picture and if you pump isn’t hooked to your potable (inside the house) water, then I don’t think you need a back flow preventer. I don’t see why the flow meter won’t work with your system. May need a longer stabilization time though.


Longer Stabilization ? How ?

You can set pressurization time during calibration.


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Thank you @franz, Are flow sensor alerts specific to which zone is having the low/high flow issue?

Yes they should be per zone, unless an inactive (no zones should be running) alert where we don’t know what zone is leaking.


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Was told on Rachio FB page, they don’t recommend installing flow sensor where I wanted to install it :sob: was looking fwd to buying one.