Referral Program! Let's advocate!

I’ll admit - I already tell my friends about my Iro, but it would be awesome to have a referral program (like Automatic, Vessyl, and other hip startups!) where I get a little kickback when my friend buys!

@jordanreed‌ Love it. Yeah, let’s get some ideas going and we’ll get something figured out.

Hi. I have a friend on the market for a LRO. Has there been any movement on this? A kickback would be nice, but I don’t need it. It would be great if I could get him a discount to tilt him to Rachio over other options out there.

@azdavidr Most referral programs I’m aware of are for subscription based services. I’d much rather let Rachio hold on to the cash they would lose from a referral incentive. That way they’d stay subscription free!


Hey @Rodrigo, thanks for the question. We don’t have a general referral program available. We’re testing in some markets, but nothing to share broadly.

Do you know what’s holding him back from purchasing a Rachio controller?

Hi @benblackmer. I don’t think there is anything specific holding him back, other than his neurotic need (like mine) to analyze all the available options out there.

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@Rodrigo Have him take a look at the community forums for each of those options. From what I can tell it’s a pretty huge differentiator.

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The rainy season has started, so it’s prime referral time in my mind!

Most referral programs out there a Give/Get. I get to give me friends some sort of offer and in exchange I get a reward. Boy would I like a discount off a new model to inspire me to make an upgrade! The Casper referral program is what finally made me able to buy one!

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