Red yellow blue wires from Rain Bird to Rachio

I’m upgrading from an old Rain Bird to a Rachio 3 but I’m

not sure what to do with the three wires in the upper left of the attached image. They are labeled only as yellow, red, and blue. Do I just ignore them when setting up my Rachio?

Do those attach to a rain sensor or valves

@nkkc - the Yellow, Red and Blue wires are from the Rain Bird PC100 transformer (power supply). DO NOT connect them to the Rachio. Trace the wires back to the transformer and unplug the transformer from the wall.

Have you run a quick test of all the zones while still hooked up to the Rain Bird to make sure everything works?

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Ah. Got it. Thanks.

Yes. The Rain Bird system was working (currently winterized) when we bought the house in the fall. Was going to go ahead and install the Rachio now and then just run it in spring.

@nkkc - if a valve doesn’t come back from its winter hibernation running the Rain Bird during the de-winterization would illustrate the issue is with the valve (or wiring) instead of adding in a change of controller. In all probability everything will work in the Spring, just wanted to point that out.