Recreated Flex

After the update last night, I re-created my flex schedules to take advantage of the changes that were made. I did notice that my days to water changed from June 3rd to June 8th. I did not save screens prior to making this change. But I know the zones were scheduled to run on the 3rd.

Will it take the system some time to realize or update the calculations for watering based on previous weather data and future weather data?

Should I empty the moisture levels and start from scratch or will this simply update overnight and pick up where the old schedule left off?

My lawn is looking great and I do not want to lose it or start to have problems because I deleted the old flex schedule and created a new one.

The only real change in your is that we use the crop coefficient now on advanced settings, rather than adjusting it dynamically each month, which isn’t ideal since it hid that lever. It applies that coefficient from the beginning of your zone creation so that is probably why date was extended. If you want to water tomorrow you can just empty the zones.

If in the future you want to increase/decrease frequency the easiest lever is just modifying crop coefficient ± 10% increments and see the magic happen.


I thought crop coefficient was the best way to adjust duration, not frequency.

EDIT: Hmm, I just re-read what I thought I read before and I’m just wrong. You’ve been saying it will adjust frequency. What, then, is the best way to adjust duration? The new +/- buttons, I guess?

@rodmitch Crop coefficient does not affect duration, only frequency.

The best levers for duration are manually adjusting the duration in the app or dialing in the precipitation rate on the nozzle.


Sorry, I figured that out after re-reading some previous posts. Edited my previous comment.

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Gotcha, I just wanted to make sure what I was seeing was correct. I’ll empty the tank later after I cut the yard. I want it to water tomorrow so I don’t go backwards. Totally understand about the increase/decrease frequency lever and using the crop coefficient ±.

I like the magic, I even ordered a set of catch cups and will use them when they arrive from home depot next week. Should’ve gone through amazon but the price was the same so no biggie. Except no 2 day delivery! Stupid me.

Once catch cups are done, I am looking possible head changes or nozzle changes if possible. System is old and the newer heads and nozzles might offer more precise information. For now, I gotta go with what I’ve got!


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@franz My zone was scheduled to water tomorrow and I increased the crop coefficient and now it’s not scheduled to water for 3 days. Clicking on the moisture graph it shows it watered today or at least is forecasted to, which didn’t/can’t happen as my start time has long passed. Will it figure things out and run tomorrow morning or do I need to empty the zone?

In case it matters my start time for this schedule is 12:05 am PT. I thought I head awhile back that Flex calculations are done daily at midnight but the decision to run the zone is made 1 hour before the start time.

It did end up running this morning so the only issue is with the UI. Perhaps a note that changes may not be accurately reflected until the following day would help others.

So I emptied all of my zones last night to kick off a run this morning. I don’t think the system ran this AM. It looks like it is scheduled to run tomorrow.

I am somewhat okay with that as we have gotten some rain this AM so it’s not big deal.

But my other 2 zones are showing as full after receiving rain. Can someone take a look"