Reconnecting a Gen 1

We had to change our WiFi password for security reasons. When I went into the app it would not accept the new password. I decided to just disconnect the controller so I could reconnect it. No go. It gave the 3 short one long red light showing a network error. We changed the password back and got get the long green lights but it will not add the controller back to our account. Since there is no reset on a Gen 1 we are at a loss. It looks like in other posts someone at Rachio can unassociate our controller from our account. It’s been over a week working with email support without any resolution. Any advice?

What process did you go through? Have you seen this video?

That didn’t work in the first place so I disconnected the controller from the account. Not it won’t let me add it back. Can’t do anything without the controller on the account.