Recommended Watering Duration Irregularities

I created a new schedule, included a single zone, and initially Rachio recommended a watering duration of 42 minutes. Five minutes later, I changed the root depth of the zone, from the default 12 inches down to 7. Because Rachio didn’t update the watering duration after I made the change, I deleted the schedule and created an exact copy from scratch—just because I was curious what Rachio would recommend.

I was surprised that Rachio now recommended 45 minutes.

Why would Rachio recommend 42 minutes for a root depth of 12 inches, but 45 minutes for a depth of only 7 inches? My logic tells me I would need to water for a shorter duration when the roots are shallower.

Schedule type: fixed
Zone type: Desert adapted
Plants: recently planted succulents
Sprayer: drip line
Interval: fixed at every six days

Bump. Hoping to get a reply from someone at Rachio, or someone in the know, please.

Hello again. Appreciate if someone from Rachio can comment here. This seems abnormal/buggy. Please explain why I’m wrong.

Hey @DemoDrip!

I’m sorry that you did not get an answer to your question. That does seem abnormal if that was the only change that was made. Reducing root depth will decrease duration, but increase frequency.

In order to determine what happened here I will need to pull the server logs for your zones and schedules. I should be able to look into this for you on Friday. Could you DM me the serial number of the controller?

Also, if you do not see schedule updates after making a change, try swiping down on the screen to refresh the app. It’s possible that your edits took effect