Recommendations? New Sprinkler System Being Setup

Hi All! It’s been a while since I’ve been active on here. I actually sold my prior home where I used a Rachio for the 3 zones I had there. My family moved into our newly built home at the end of October and we’re getting started with getting the grass and yard going. We had 14,000 sqft of trees cleared to make a large back yard for the kids to play in. We’re having final grading, topsoil, sod, and you guessed it, a sprinkler system put in! The front and sides of the house are seeded and will likely be seeded again due to the timing of the first and the cold setting in here in southern NJ not long after moving in.

The new sprinkler system will be 66 heads and 14 zones due to the water supply being a 3/4hp well pump. There will, on average, 4 heads running at once. So, I just purchased and received a Rachio 3rd Generation 16-zone controller. The grass mix is this:

Since I still have time to make decisions about the system, I wanted to ask the community here if there’s anything I could benefit from doing to optimize the Rachio ability to control the system. I have an opportunity to optimize for the Rachio vs inserting it into an existing system.

Here are the currently planned system details in case their helpful.

The best way to optimize is make sure you know for sure what the in/hr delivered is for each zone and that water is delivered as evenly as possible. Then it’s a matter of understanding your plants such as root depth and crop coefficients (Rachio plant types default to annual averages which is fine for most).

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Agreed. Matched Pr rate water devices , areas, etc as described.

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