Recommendations needed for New Seed

I am looking for recommendations on a watering schedule to germinate Centipede grass seed. A large portion of my yard has died from fungus I believe. I have since resolved the fungus issue. I am ready to seed with some centipede seed I have purchased. My question is what would be a good watering schedule for the zone if I also have a considerable amount of actual grass on the zone?

I have about 2000 sq ft of grass on the zone and about 600 sq ft I want to seed. I don’t want to harm the existing grass by over watering. I am in New Orleans so the hot days are hot!

Does anyone have any suggestions or experience with this? I have never seeded before I always lay sod.

Thank you!

Have you seen this help article? I would think this method would apply to any type of grass seed. Key is keeping seeds and soil moist a few inches deep.

An alternative method, by way of example, uses the cycle and soak feature:

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Thank you for the information. I was able to use that and figure out the schedule. I used the manual cycle soak feature. I actually more concerned about constantly wetting the current grass I have growing while trying to get the seeds to germinate. Probably not a Rachio issue but so many people seem to have good advice and experience here.

I’m a little gun shy after losing so much of my lawn to fungus last year! It rained 81 days in a row here and I was not familiar with Fungicide at the time.

It took me a while to figure it out and I ended up using the cycle and soak feature. I think the terminology is a little confusing but finally figured out I run 2 minute cycles on 4 stations and then the total runtime is 48 minutes because it setup 6 cycles with 2 hours in between. It has been working as expected.


Do you water at night? What time do you stop watering? Are you only watering seeds or is some of the existing grass getting wet?

The “New Seeding Schedule” help article is NOT practical or helpful because we can’t define when to ‘stop’ at night… I don’t want/need it watering every hour after sunset.

Like Billanderson… your better off setting up manual soak settings.

For me… in Seattle area… I have 3k sq feet of new seed, full sun, 5" of fresh sandy/loam topsoil.

My schedule for just my new grass zones is:
Type: Fixed
Interval: Everyday
Zones: (new seed zones)
Times: Start after 6AM
Duration: 2h 20m (calculated by how much I want the zones to run over the course of the day)
Cycle and Soak: Cycle: 10m Soak: 1h 50m
Weather Intelligence: Rain Skip: ON, all others off

This results in 10 minutes of watering on each zone with a 100 minute pause between watering, everything done at 6.20pm. Starting again the next day at 6AM.


I do my overseeding by setting up 3 fixed schedules, each with just one or two minutes per zone (depending on the kind of heads). I do one in the morning, one around noon, and one in the late afternoon. I put in start and end dates, having all three run for one week, just two the next week, and then just one the last week. A little more work to set up the first time, but I liked this method because I could set it and forget it.


Has Rachio improved and made it simpler for creating a seeding schedule? Or am I better off following suggestions in this thread… ?

Nope don’t think I am seeing a “grow-in” option. My ten year old rain bird controller had this. You could simply say water the grow in zones for 5 mins each 4 times a day or whatever you wanted. Would be a nice option Rachio

Hi all. I created this excel file to simplify the inputs when using the Hourly Interval and Cycle Soak for new seeding. Hope you find it helpful and useful.

Rachio New Seed and Sod schedule calculator

Here’s what I did.

type: fixed schedule
interval: everyday
zones: zones that were seeded
watering duration: total time for the day (eg 40m for each zone)
times: start at 8:00am
cycle and soak: manual, then set the cycle for 5mins and the soak for 1 hour.

This appears to be calculating everything correctly and running as intended, when viewing the running schedule I see 1/31 and zones are running at 5min intervals. Whoop!

It did take some figuring and the device was capable, I just wish the ppl developing the tools would’ve provided a work around like this instead of dodging.