Recommendations for flex-daily schedules and long run times?

I have 15 zones, and Rachio’s recommendations came to about 15 total hours across all zones. Aside from the well-known annoyance of end-by scheduling always starting at a time assuming all zones will run, our watering restrictions would not permit watering across an entire 15 hour potential window (nor would I even want to!). We do not have strict watering restrictions on a per-day basis however (only one day a week is off-limits).

It would be great if that 15 hour window was at least split in half across 2 days. So I could break the zones into two different schedules, and assign each 3 out of the 6 available days. But Rachio doesn’t recommend running a flex daily schedule with less than 4 available days. The reasoning isn’t totally clear, but is it strong enough that going to a fixed schedule is actually better?

Anyways, has anyone in a similar boat found an ideal way of handling this?

To be honest I’m pretty disappointed so far with the Flex Daily scheduling intelligence. It’s pretty crazy to me that a feature that should just-work, and has been requested for years, is still not considered a priority. That is, end-by schedules actually ending at said time.

I’m not understanding how your watering restrictions do not permit watering across a 15 hour window, while at the same time you say that you “do not have restrictions on a per-day basis (only one day a week is off limits).”

We have time of day restrictions… e.g watering is allowed only between the hours of 9pm and 9am, on any day except Monday. So if the schedule decided it needed to water every zone for the complete run-time (15 hours), that would be problematic.