Recommendation on what hose connects to Rachio 3

I just got Rachio 3 from costco yesterday. I need recommendations on what Sprinkler system which includes 4 faucets + timer i should be buying which would work well with Rachio 3.

i was surprised to see no help on this anywhere plus no customer care number available to talk to

hope i get a quick response before i plan to return back rachio 3.


I am first time home buyer and will need some hand holding in this process.

Do you have any knowledge of sprinkler systems and how they work? What are you planning on watering? Sounds like you are looking for 4 zones, but are you laying all new pipe and everything at this point?

I do not have any knowledge of sprinkler systems. all know is I have a back yard with 2 water taps to which i need to connect hoses and start watering my yard.
I had 3 100 ft hoses and 2 sprinkler , i wll buy more.
I need recommendation on what faucet should i be buying so that it works with Rachio 3.

So you are wanting to run a garden hose to a sprinkler that you move around the yard?

Rachio is designed to work with standard irrigation systems. Typically you would have PVC pipe buried in the ground running to various sprinklers, fed by a solenoid valve. They aren’t designed to directly connect to a hose bibb, but adapters can be bought to do so. From there, you would need more adapters to convert back to your garden hose. The solenoids would then be wired to the Rachio for control.