Rebate came in!


I ordered the Rachio 2 from Costco end of February. Mailed my rebate forms at the start of March. Two weeks later, I got my $125 water rebate check in the mail yesterday! I was anticipating someone coming out to inspect my product and installation. Got a check in the mail instead. It was such a painless process!


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I checked and in Arizona the device has to be listed on the EPA web site. They list all the Rachio devices up to the Rachio 2 but they don’t have the Rachio 3 on there. Looks like Costco only has the Rachio 3 on their web site now. Boooo!!! I guess I could look around and see if I can find an older unit on Amazon or something but I’d rather have the 3.

Typical Government. Wish they would update their website. Unless I’m missing it somewhere.

Hey @rbhamilton - the Rachio 3 is EPA WaterSense Certified!

I’m in Arizona too, and rebates vary city to city, or water district to water district. Out in Gilbert, they haven’t offered any rebates on irrigation controllers to date…